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Do you offer Internationally Accredited courses?

Yes we do offer HABC accredited courses for the different levels of Food safety and HACCP training programmes


Who should attend the Advanced Food Hygiene training?

The Advanced Food Hygiene trainings are especially suitable for F & B Managers, Chefs, Kitchen supervisors and Training Managers.Supervisors/Middle Management and everyone who prepares high risk foods can undertake this training programme.

Who should attend the Intermediate Food Hygiene training?

The intermediate level course is designed for those working in any branch of the food industry at supervisory level. The Intermediate Food Hygiene course is designed for those who wish to continue to improve upon their knowledge of food hygiene. This course is especially suitable for managers/supervisors and key personnel working in food preparation & processing environments, especially those who have direct food safety responsibilities. Those who can benefit from this course work in the following fields among others:

  •        F & B Managers, Chefs, Kitchen supervisors and Training Managers
  •        Supervisors/Middle Management and everyone who prepares high risk foods
  •        Quality assurance staff
  •        Customer complaints investigating staff
  •        Purchasing staff

Who should attend the Basic Food Hygiene Training?

The aim of this one-day course – approved by the Dubai Municipality is to give delegates knowledge of the fundamentals of good practice and safe food handling. Upon successful completion of course, a DM approved certificate will be provided by the training provider.

Who can be a PIC?

A PIC can be the owner, a manager or a supervisor, but they must have direct authority, control and supervision of the food handlers. Selecting the right managers/ supervisors to be a PIC is essential to the success of the programme. Food inspectors from Dubai Municipality will, therefore, assist owners in determining the most appropriate candidates.

Why should food establishments have a PIC?

A Person in Charge is required for all types of food businesses. The PIC is required to be present throughout the entire operation of the business and is accountable to the owner and the Government for making sure all food handlers follow satisfactory policies and procedures relating to food safety. This means that most businesses will require more than one PIC, and in case of large businesses such as hotels, it is likely that they will need at least two PIC’s for every restaurant

What does PIC stand for?

The abbreviation PIC stands for Person – in – charge.

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